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Delco Remy:: Alternators, Generators - Series-Type recommend application

We give below Delco recommendations of it's alternators applications based on design, engine & environment. This chart is to be used on conjunction with the electrical performance specifications & the design features (33SI-31SI-30SI / 26SI-21SI-20SI ) to select your alternator.


Diesel Engines Application Car & Light Truck Medium Truck Heavy Truck Farm Equipment Construction & Industrial Mining & Dusty Environments Light Truck Commercial Bus School bus & Emergency vehicle Mining & Explosive Environments
 Standard Models 10SI/100 27SI/100 15SI/116 21SI 27SI/200 23SI 21SI 22SI 26SI 30SI 33SI 34SI 10SI/116 26SI 30SI 33SI 23SI 10SI/116 20SI 22SI 33SI 34SI 26SI 30SI/116 27SI/200 21SI 50DN 30SI 21SI 30SI
Alternator Models: extra output 15SI/100 27SI/100 21SI 21SI 22SI 30SI 33SI 34SI 15SI/116 21SI 15SI/116 21SI 22SI 23SI 34SI 26SI 30SI 15SI/116 21SI 50DN        31SI 21SI 31SI 30SI
For Higher Durability 10SI/116 20SI 20SI 21SI 30SI 22SI 30SI 33SI 34SI 20SI 26SI 30SI 22SI 30SI 33SI 34SI 26SI 20SI 26SI 50DN 21SI 30SI 26SI 30SI
For Special purposes 10SI/136 20SI  22SI 26SI 27SI 33SI 34SI 10SI/136 26SI 34SI 21SI 22SI 30SI 33SI 34SI 26SI 34SI 10SI/136 21SI 50DN 21SI 27SI/200 20SI 26SI

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