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Delco Remy® :: WP220 Starter

wp220 starter exploded view WP220 starter delco remy

The WP220 starter motor, 2.2KW, 12V reduction gear, noseless design provides a high starting torque in a compact, light weight package by using a high speed motor through a gear reduction unit.

The WP220 armature is dynamically balanced and rides in sealed ball bearings & bush. Fiber glass banding and varnish impregnation are used for added armature strength. The moulded bar commutator received electrical power through radially positioned one piece brushes. Constant pressure brush spring are used for even brush wear and long life.

SUV Application      : WPS220001 Starter - Add to cart

Tractor Application : WPM220001 Starter - Add to cart


WP220 Starter Service Manual

Click here for Starter & parts for Tractor Application

Click here for Starter & parts for Scorpio  SUV Application

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