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Delco Remy® America: Starters, Alternators & their Service parts

Delco Remy America

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Delco Remy

   Remy India, Owns the Delco Remy brand




     55SI Alternator       Manufacturer
Delco Remy has been re-named to Remy Inc. However, the products will continue to be branded "Delco Remy". Delco Remy has 17 manufacturing locations across the US and subsidiaries the world over including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, Korea, Argentina, France, Germany, India, China, Korea, Tunisia, Taiwan and England. Delco Remy is a leading global producer of starters, alternators and auto parts.

Delco Remy products are chosen by over 250 manufacturers of automotive, marine, truck, agriculture, or construction vehicles and various auxiliary power units. Brands of Machinery & Vehicles using Delco Remy products

Starter & Alternator technical specifications, performance curves, features, dimensions, service manuals, prices, parts catalog and alternator selection charts.

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View the Delco Remy alternators, generators Electrical performance guide & Recommended application guide.

Delco Remy: Key Products & Technologies:

  • The 35SI series Delco Remy high output alternators can stand the heat. The are designed specially for today requirement of increased underhood temperatures of today's heavy duty smaller, tighter, hotter engine compartments, encountered in today's commercial vehicles.

  • Delco Remy has launched new generation MxT (Maximum Torque technology) reduction gear, noseless, starter motors to series 29MT, 38MT, 39MT.

  • 50MT / 42MT Delco Remy starters with over-crank protection, offer excellent reliability and are used the world over for critical diesel applications. The new SSL (semi-solid link) solenoid provide improved performance in low battery conditions.

  • 34SI & 33SI Delco Remy high output alternators has the highest output of any Air-Cooled Brush less design. These alternator are designed specially for Cold Weather to fight winter performance issues.

  • The F2 version of the famous PG150 family of Delco Remy planetary gear starters are ideal for V6 or V8 torque requirements.

  • More brush volume and length than any unit of it's size means the 22SI Delco Remy alternator lasts longer.


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