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NewIndo Products:: Excavator, Back Hoe, Skid steer buckets

We undertake strategic sourcing with value addition, for world class quality products from QS, ISO, TS certified Indian factories. Our clients enjoy the competitive edge - World class products at third world prices. Such, products, developed as per clients requirement, are listed under the name "NewIndo products". Our customers, suppliers and clients value our long term approach to business & relationships.


Description Steel Application
backhoe attachment Trapezoidal backhoe attachment bucket Mild Steel Dirt excavation / trenches: This tapered design, backhoe attachment is often specified to yield a specific trench bottom width and side wall slope. Trapezoidal buckets are ideal for deep wide trenches where a narrow bottom is required to conserve expensive pipe bedding materials
Skid Steer bucket Skid Steer loader buckets Wear Steel / Tensile steel

Dirt work: We three basic styles of skid steer loader buckets that can be used in multiple applications. All of our skid steer loader buckets offer unique design features. Each skid steer loader bucket features strong, durable construction.

backhoe buckets Soil Excavation  backhoe buckets High Tensile Steel Dirt Excavation: These backhoe buckets are suitable for use in soils where shock loading and abrasion is not expected. These backhoe buckets are offered in "Standard" and "High Capacities".
excavator buckets Swivel excavator buckets Hardox / High Tensile Steel Earthwork & ditch cleaning: These excavator buckets have the unique ability to tilt 45 degrees left or right. Useful for ditch cleaning and profiling slopes, Tilt Buckets are used in soft materials much like Cleanup Buckets are. Heavy Duty versions are also available
excavator buckets Rock Cutting  excavator buckets Hardox / High Tensile Steel Rockwork: Featuring the Komatsu KVX Lip and G.E.T. System - this is a line of Heavy Duty and Extreme Service excavator buckets that incorporate the unique Komatsu KVX system. Komatsu  promotes the system as having three major advantages over conventional systems. These are:
  • Reversible Teeth and Wear Plates

  • Parts that BOLT TOGETHER withe special Conical-Neck Bolts

  • Special 500 - 600 Brinell Sagitta Steel

dozer blade bucket Dozer Blade attachment High Tensile Steel Straight Blades can be made very strong, abrasion resistant and puncture resistant for moving large, sharp and abrasive objects. They are not well suited to handling granular materials since these materials spill off the ends during long pushes.
ditch cleaning bucket Ditch Cleaning backhoe buckets Mild Steel Cleaning Ditches : New Holland type
rock cutting bucket Rock Cutting excavator buckets High Tensile Steel Rockwork : CAT design

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